Exhibition,"Where every day is a holiday"

February 2021, Baliere Frauenfeld

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"Where every day is a holiday"
The confusion started when I realized, that the place where my family used to celebrate New Year's Eve was something else...

"Zieh Dich aus wir müssen reden" - "Undress yourself we have to talk"


The heyday of the cabaret is long gone. In the pub of the homosexual association HOT Thurgau exactly this time is revived. Once a year there is a travesty show as you know it from the 70s Hamburger Pulverfass. Carla Caroll knows that only too well. She has been in business for 42 years. And has seen and recorded almost everything from Frankfurt to Hamburg. The challenge is to move in the costumes and show in the meantime extravagance and professionality. Carla and her stage partner Lola Glitter parody songs like "Femme fatale", "Big Spender" or "Undress yourself we have to talk". Lola has doing travesty for almost 15 years. Carla persuaded her to do it. At first Lola had doubts about her voice, but Carla took her every shyness. Today she is also part of the cabaret group "Never-comeback Airline". Carla and Lola appear together and separately. During the individual gigs, backstage is always a hurry and a mess. They need to change outfits and styles very fast. It can happen that they have to force themselves into a costume very roughly. Carla in a cool way just says:"I'm not too fat, I'm just in a delay with shit."


Reportage "Zieh Dich aus wir müssen reden", 2018 Wängi

Where every day is a holiday

The confusion started when I realized, that the place where my family used to celebrate New Year's Eve was something else...

„On the evening of December 31, 1997, we drove for the very first time to this special place.
Since then I look forward to New Year’s Eve. Finally, we drove to my granduncle and his mysterious wife again. It was our paradise: Whirlpools, big rooms that were perfect to play in with my cousins. But on one day everything changed. There were foreign young girls in the club.”


Visual essay "Where every day is a holiday", 2015

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Dog Show


International Dog Show at the Bodensee-Arena.

Kreuzlingen, 2017



Decorated village pup during "Fasnacht".

Moulin Rouge, 2016

costume designer


"Dresses were made for the actors."

Costume designers from Lucerne Theater never had the chance to wear their self-made costumes. We let them choose their favourite dress and photographed them at their workingplace.


Theaterhaus Luzern, 2014

in collaboration with Meret Buser

Xlingen Open 2018


First Speedcubing Championship in Kreuzlingen.

Kreuzlingen, 2018

Fraternitas Sacerdotalis Sancti Petri


House of Priestly Fraternity of St. Petrus in Switzerland.

St. Pelagiberg, 2016

hip hop


Impressions from the biggest hip hop festival in Europe.

Open Air Frauenfeld, 2017